April 2020

Bankruptcies Are at an All-Time High Because of Coronavirus
Americans are filing for bankruptcy at an alarming rate because of layoffs caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. As 22 million Americans file for unemployment, the financial security of most households drops. The question now for many people out there is...
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What is Interdiction Law and How Can Rideout Law Help?
Attorney Brad Rideout is handling interdiction law cases weekly with large success and confidence. Interdiction law can be a complicated subject for those hearing about it for the first time. It can be tricky as well when navigating the process...
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Sex Trafficking Victims’ Story of Abuse by Federal Agents Hits the Press
Sex trafficking victims taken advantage of by federal agents get their story told with help of Attorney Brad Rideout Attorney Brad Rideout recently defended a sex trafficking victim from trumped up charges in part of a prostitution sting. Federal agents,...
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Jorge Nava is One of Brad Rideout’s Favorite Clients
Attorney Brad Rideout updates us on his client, '90 Day Fiance' star, Jorge Nava. Jorge Nava became an instant star on the reality show '90 Day Fiance'. After being charged on possession of drugs with intent to sell,  Nava was...
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