Arizona employers could require COVID-19 vaccinations for employees, which may lead to tense work environments or, even worse, terminations.

Arizona has always presented itself as a “pro-business” state that gives its businesses the legal support to thrive and grow. Through this approach, Arizona had adopted legislation that would give an employer the right to require vaccinations, due to the financial risks and liabilities associated with missed work and the possibility of viral transmission to the customer. Even if an employee files a lawsuit claiming to be under the protection of the Americans Disability Act, the legal precedent states that the business will win. What kind of options does this leave for the employees? They can either quit, accept termination, or request permission to be exempt by the employer. Coming from the perspective of the employer, providing a financial incentive would be a much more productive route to promote vaccinations amongst employees. This way, potential labor shortages and a tense work environment can be avoided.

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