How One of Brad Rideout’s Cases Made it to the Supreme Court
Attorney Brad Rideout's Experience on His Child Custody Case that Was Taken all the Way to the Supreme Court A very unique story comes out with Brad Rideout with this one particular custody case he had in La Paz County, Arizona. Brad and his team fought tooth and nail for...
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A Sad Consequence of a Connected World
A Nevada Woman Killed in a Murder-Suicide by a Man She Met Online A heartbreaking story of a Nevada woman murdered by a man she met off the internet brings an important topic to discussion: How do you navigate interacting with others on the internet? Being responsible and cautious on...
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Gang Member Attorneys at Rideout Law Group
Attorney Brad Rideout Explains His History Defending Gang Members and How He Knows the System Finding a good criminal defense attorney if you are a gang member or associated with a gang can be nearly impossible. Brad Rideout has been working with gang members since he was in law school....
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What is the Next Step After Losing a Trial?
How Can You Come Back From a Lost Trial? Attorney Wendy Marcus Explains an Appellate Brief and the Process. Losing a trial can be heartbreaking and can seem like the end of the road. In reality, that is not the case. Through the creation of an appellate brief, or a...
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Rideout Law Group Arrested Man
Arrested in Arizona and Nevada? What not to say.
Arizona Attorney Rideout's Advice on What not to say When You've Been Arrested During the arrest process in Arizona or Nevada making spontaneous comments can hurt you. Being polite to police officers is very important, but do not overstate your responses. It's also important to remember that when making your...
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Las Vegas
Role of Juvenile Courts in Arizona and Nevada
Arizona and Nevada Attorney Margolis' Advice for Parents As a parent of a child who gets arrested it's important to keep the lines of communication open with the juvenile court, and everyone who is involved with the court process. Because the core tenet of juvenile cases, whether it is dependency...
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Should I consent to a police search of my car?
Rideout Law Group criminal defense attorney Melissa Barry advises people not to consent to a request by police to search your vehicle, if you are pulled over. This short video explains why. Rideout Law Group is a law firm with offices in Las Vegas, Nevada, Bullhead City, Lake Havasu City,...
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Victim’s testimony opens Winterton’s attempted murder trial
KINGMAN – A Fort Mohave homeowner described Wednesday how he was attacked by a man with a baseball bat in the first day of the defendant’s attempted murder trial. The trial of Erich Lee Winterton, 41, of Bullhead City, began Wednesday morning with opening statements. He is charged with attempted...
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Two versions of fight emerge at Arizona trial
KINGMAN — Different versions of a 2009 fight at a Bullhead City bar were given Wednesday morning in the opening day of a trial in Superior Court. Four members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club are charged with participating in a fight with several rival Vagos Motorcycle Club members at...
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Arizona biker riot trial ends in acquittal
A jury in northwest Arizona didn’t buy the prosecution theory that a motorcycle gang turf war led to a fight between members of rival clubs in June 2009. It returned not guilty verdicts in Kingman on Wednesday in the three-week trial of members of the Hells Angels or Desert Road...
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