AZ Federal Judge Upholds Child Abuse ‘Black List’
A Maricopa County federal judge dismissed a legal challenge to Arizona's Department of Child Safety's new child abuse blacklist policy. Recently, a Maricopa County Superior Court judge dismissed the New Civil Liberties Alliance's challenge to the Arizona Department of Child...
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Could Recreational Marijuana Revenue Help Arizona’s Pandemic Recovery?
Recreational marijuana tax revenue has proven to be "pandemic proof" in other states, is it time for Arizona to legalize it to spur economic recovery? With the COVID pandemic still in full swing across the country, tax revenue streams are...
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Arizona’s Potential Marijuana Legalization Stirs Up Mixed Feelings
Arizona Proposition 207 to legalize marijuana is now on the ballots, making AZ a new battleground for marijuana legalization. Arizona is taking the national spotlight in the fight for marijuana legalization for this upcoming 2020 election. Prop 207, if passed,...
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