• What Does Paraphernalia Even Mean?
    In the state of Arizona, there can be some serious confusion around the charge of possessing 'drug paraphernalia'. People are getting charged with drug and drug paraphernalia possession all the time in Arizona. What constitutes "paraphernalia" exactly? And why does someone who does not have any legitimate paraphernalia on them...
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  • How One of Brad Rideout’s Cases Made it to the Supreme Court
    Attorney Brad Rideout's Experience on His Child Custody Case that Was Taken all the Way to the Supreme Court A very unique story comes out with Brad Rideout with this one particular custody case he had in La Paz County, Arizona. Brad and his team fought tooth and nail for...
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  • Gang Member Attorneys at Rideout Law Group
    Attorney Brad Rideout Explains His History Defending Gang Members and How He Knows the System Finding a good criminal defense attorney if you are a gang member or associated with a gang can be nearly impossible. Brad Rideout has been working with gang members since he was in law school....
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